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demo skis

  1. S

    Intermediate Skiier(s) demo impressions: K2 Disruption 81Ti, Mindbender 88Ti, Mindbender 90C ; Line Blade W, Pandora 94

    I was lucky enough to run into 3 demo days this ski trip, and even luckier that my mother finally agreed to try skis just for fun. Today was the last day of our trip and we spent all morning swapping in and out of our own skis and demos to compare them. K2 was here earlier in the week, so I took...
  2. S

    Need some advice on ski purchase!

    I'm days away (:thumbsup:!!!) from buying a new pair of skis. I've skiied since I could walk and did a fair bit of racing. With that, I'm mostly a groomer skiier and haven't skiied on anything wider than 73 underfoot. I'm 173cm tall, and weigh about 145 pounds. I've recently moved out West, and...
  3. mommylater

    Looking for advice about demos

    Hi everyone! After 14 years with the same skis that I got as a beginner (well, there was a 4-5 year hiatus while starting our family), I am in the market for new skis. I've got a list of skis that I'd like to demo and am planning for at least one day, maybe two. I will have to pay to demo...
  4. echo_NY

    Question: NE East Coast Demo Days

    hi i saw a mid-atlantic thread for collecting demo days for 2017-2018 season. i'd like to start one for the northeast - which i would include some northern mid-atlantic ones. what demo days do you know happening in NY/NJ/PA/CT/MA/VT/NH/ME/Canada? i looked into demo'ing and it is costly. not...