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Risky Business.

Granted, there are a number of women who ski with no fear — who have the skills and nerve to tackle just about any situation on and off-piste without a second thought. But for all of those with no fear — and I salute...

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Don’t Forget Mom!!!!

Mother’s Day is May 14th. So this year, instead of getting your mom the traditional flowers and perfume, how about trying something different: Ski gear! Of course, this only works if your mom skis. (My mom doesn’t,...

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Girl Friends.

So how many of your female friends ski? Me, I can think of two. No, make that three. (And no, once-a-year skiers don’t count. These have to be people who get out fairly regularly.) I guess it all depends on the circles you...

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So is it over?

Alas, my ski season is. And I think I’m in withdrawal.I know, I know, spring and summer have their benefits. But since they don’t include skiing, what good are they, really? I also know that somewhere — out...

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From The Ski Diva Forum

I realize that most of us here have season passes, so the price per day is way less than what's shown here. Still, an interesting video: [...]

Need a new midlayer. Will be worn under a Flylow Shell, with bibs. What's your favorite? I'm in the Pacific Northwest (canada) [...]

Calling all low delta skiers! Do I take the plunge on a delta negative demo binding (squire tcx 11) or go with something like a look pivot that is known… [...]

Well, a few years ago I read up on the CW-X stabilyx tights somewhere here on this forum and decided to give them a go. Since they were spendy, I… [...]

Hi As long as they fit properly, I have never thought that ski poles matter much (for general resort skiing, blacks and bumps) I don't think I would like the… [...]