Author: Wendy Clinch

On Posting and Saving Money.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for the great response this blog has been getting! It really seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people. I know there are women skiers out there — yes, I mean you and...

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Welcome to Ski Diva!

How many times have you entered a ski lodge or stood on a lift line and noticed that there were hardly any other women present?I know I have. More often than not, the majority of the skiers you’ll see on any given day are...

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From The Ski Diva Forum

Hey all. I just found this site and I'm already reading away. It's a bit overwhelming as a new 'ish' skier to soak it all in. So, my intro. I'm… [...]

Anyone can get 4 free Covid tests from -- I just ordered my 4 tests in case I need one for travel, etc. Easy as pie - just fill… [...]

Hi guys, I realize this is a very superficial topic but I wanted to know how you combat the goggle tan. We were in Mammoth last week and had beautiful… [...]

I arrived in Taos Ski Valley on Sunday morning, only to discover that the holiday blackout on my pass extended until Monday (duh), so I had a day to hang… [...]

I’m thinking of trying an insulated bottom instead of just my wool capri long underwear. A couple extra cold days recently had me doubling up on long underwear. It seems… [...]

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