Author: Wendy Clinch

Goals for ’06-’07.

It’s always good to have something to work toward. So here are my goals for the upcoming ski season: Get through the season uninjured. An injury can put a damper on anyone’s year. So I hope to escape unscathed (hope...

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“Know thyself.”

That’s a quote from Aristotle, And in skiing, it applies big time. There’s a thread over at where posters are listing their opinions of the steepest trails in the east. Some people look at this as a...

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From The Ski Diva Forum

Every year, someone here loses their enthusiasm for skiing. Some post about it; some do not. I' [...]

We are heading to Europe this Saturday. The ski rental company that I have signed up with pretty muc [...]

Hello, I had a complete hip fracture from a skiing accident 15 months ago. It was a brutal recovery, [...]

Like over the age of 40? I know that some of you have started skiing over the age of 40 (I'm lo [...]

I’m here at Sun Valley right now, tagging along with my husband to a Western Trauma Surgical Associa [...]

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