Going up?

What do you like to do when you ride up the lift?

My dad used to sing to me — which I found terribly embarrassing as a teenager, but remember quite fondly when I think about it today.

Sometimes I like to chat. It’s always fun to meet new people. Plus you have the option of ending it naturally when you get off the lift. Or you can take a run with them and continue to talk on the way up again.

Mostly, I like to watch people ski. You see everything — great skiers, awful skiers, weird behavior, fantastic wipeouts, relieving recoveries. And the outfits! Can someone tell me why it seems like some days everyone’s wearing red, and other days, yellow? Just seems to work out that way.

I also like to evaluate trails and conditions and even plot a line down the hill. Good to know where you’re going, before you even get there.

Sometimes I even sing. Just don’t tell my dad.

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Help make January “National Ski & Snowboard Month”

I know, I know — for those of us who are obsessed with skiing, every month is “National Ski & Snowboard Month.”

All the same, Ski Area Management (SAM) magazine is reporting that The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) and Snowsports Industries America (SIA) are lobbying Congress to seek a White House Proclamation declaring January “National Ski and Snowboard Month.” The intent is to remind people to get outside exercise in winter.

Congressman Mark Udall (D-CO) has introduced House Resolution 979 asking for the proclamation, but the bill requires co-sponsors. You can help by contacting your Congressional representative and urge him or her to co-sign H. Res. 979.

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Goals for ’06-’07.

It’s always good to have something to work toward. So here are my goals for the upcoming ski season:

  • Get through the season uninjured. An injury can put a damper on anyone’s year. So I hope to escape unscathed (hope you do, too!).
  • Ski more days than last season. Got in 40 in ’05-’06. Let’s see if I can do better this year!
  • Try at least one new mountain. Always fun to mix it up a bit.
  • Improve my skiing technique, particularly on moguls. I’m okay on a certain type, but once they get too big, too steep, or too icy, I’m out of my depth.
  • Make lots of new ski friends.
  • Have fun! That shouldn’t be hard.

What’re your goals?

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This is for you, doll face.

As you all know, Barbie (yes, I’m talking about the doll here) has done it all: astronaut, doctor, rock star, fashion model — you get the picture.

Now you can add ski manufacturer to the list (well, almost).

Mattel, Barbie’s home company, is partnering with Elan to make skis for young girls, in pink (of course) with graphics of flowers and butterflies. Suggested retail price: $119. to $189.

As much as it makes me twinge, I bet my daughter would’ve LOVED these when she was little.

Hey, if it gets ’em skiing, I’m for it.

Wonder if Barbie’s Ferrari has ski racks?

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In remembrance.

It’s been five years since the horrible events of September 11, 2001.

For me, the time has gone by quickly. It’s easy to feel that way, given the hectic schedules of our daily lives.

But think back — on that terrible, terrible day, the world seemed to stop. The awful face of evil revealed itself, and all of us were stunned at its magnitude.

Today, take a moment to remember that even though evil exists, it is far outweighed by the goodness that’s all around us. In the memory of those who died on that tragic day, do what you can to help spread this goodness. And above all, pray for peace.

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Ski like a woman.

Thought I’d clue you in on this great web site I found:


If you’re interested in improving your skiing, this is definitely worth checking out. It’s a directory of women’s ski clinics, and even though it doesn’t list every clinic everywhere, it could help you find the one that’s right for you.

So when you’re planning that trip for the coming winter, take some time and take a look. There might be a great clinic right where you’re headed.

Be sure to visit TheSkiDiva.com, an internet forum especially for women skiers, where women skiers can connect with one another to talk about everything and anything ski-related.

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It’s Here: TheSkiDiva.com Forum!!!

Ta da!!!!

Yes, it’s finally ready — TheSkiDiva.com, an internet forum devoted exclusively to women who ski.

Here you can post comments, ask questions, trade tips, vent, express opinions, and otherwise hold forth on anything and everything ski related. And you can do it with other women who care as passionately about skiing as you do.

Here’s a taste of the forums that are currently awaiting your input:

General Skiing: Ski related discussions that don’t fit under other, more specific headings.
Ski Gear: Questions, comments, and reviews about all types of ski gear.
Family Skiing: Skiing together as a family.
Resorts, Conditions & Travel: Questions and comments about resorts and snow conditions.
Trip Reports: Tell us about your ski trip.
Meet on the Hill: Arrange to meet up with another member of TheSkiDiva.com community.
Getting to know you: Tell us about yourself! We’d love to get to know you.
Health & Fitness: Staying healthy during ski season (and the rest of the year, too).
Off Season Sports: Hiking, biking,kayaking, tennis — anything you do in the off season.
Random Humor: Jokes, funny links; we could all use a laugh.
Miscellaneous Discussions: Anything else you feel like discussing.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone. You’ll have to register to post in the forums, but it’s fast, easy, and absolutely free.

And just so you know, TheSkiDiva.com is not affiliated with any ski resort, ski manufacturer, professional association, or other organization. It’s just us chickens.

So even though you’ll still be able to find me here in my blog, I’ll be spending a lot of time over there, too. Be sure to visit!

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A reqium for summer.

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial close of summer. And while I rejoice at the now forseeable approach of ski season, I am not, as some people claim, a “summer hater.” There are lots of things I actually like about summer. Here are a few:

Warm temperatures: Believe it or not, I actually don’t enjoy being cold. It’s just that I love skiing so much that I’m willing to, shall we say, overlook it. It’s nice not to go outside dressed in multiple layers.

The beach: As someone who grew up on the Jersey shore, the beach is in my blood. There’s something almost visceral about it to me. When I go to the beach, I feel like I’m going home. For me, the ideal would be a home in the mountains and one on the beach. But unless I hit the lottery, that ain’t going to happen!

Summer shoes: What woman doesn’t love the toe-baring sandals you get to wear in the summer?

Cooking on the grill: My husband and I grill a lot in the summer. Food just tastes better. I miss that in the winter.

Summer veggies and fruit: Corn on the cob, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes. ‘Nuff said.

Flowers: I’m a big fan of anything that blooms. Green is nice, too.

To all that, I bid a fond farewell. See you next year. Now when do we ski?

Reminder: Coming September 4 — TheSkiDiva.com, an internet forum especially for women skiers (see August 2 blog entry entitled “Coming Attractions”). If you’d like to know when it’s up and running, send me an email and I’ll keep you posted!

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“Know thyself.”

That’s a quote from Aristotle, And in skiing, it applies big time.

There’s a thread over at Alpinezone.com where posters are listing their opinions of the steepest trails in the east. Some people look at this as a “to do” list. For me, that ain’t necessarily the case.

I think I have a pretty good handle on my ability. And I don’t think I need to prove myself to anyone.

This is probably generalizing, but it seems to me that one of the biggest differences between male and female skiers is the former’s tendency to view skiing as a competition — who can ski the best, the fastest; who can be the most extreme.

Most times, all it boils down to is who can talk the biggest talk.

Big talk can be impressive. But it can also lead to trouble. I’ve seen people who talk like they’re the greatest skier since Jean Claude Killy end up in some pretty hairy situations, instead of admitting they’re in over their heads.

As I’ve said in my previous posts, I’m all for accepting challenges. It’d be a pretty dull world if we didn’t, and we’d all stay at the same level plateau. But I also think it’s important to have a clear sense of your ability and to know what’s right for you, instead of attempting something before you’re ready.

Big talk doesn’t make the skier — only the skiing counts. And you can be the judge of that.

Reminder: Coming September 4 — TheSkiDiva.com, an internet forum especially for women skiers (see August 2 blog entry entitled “Coming Attractions”). If you’d like to know when it’s up and running, send me an email and I’ll keep you posted!

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Like the robins in spring.

Yep, one of the first signs of ski season is here: the September issue of Ski Magazine, where they review gear for the upcoming season. And even though I’m not in the market for new skis, it still gets my pulse going.

Not that I wouldn’t love new equipment — who wouldn’t — but I only have three seasons into my Head Monster i.M 70’s; they’re great skis, and I think they have a lot of life in them yet. I’ve vowed to keep them for three more.

I actually like them a lot. They’re great on the hard pack (translation: ice) and crud we get in the east. Head ingrained Intellifibers into the core of the ski. As you turn, mechanical energy (vibrations) are converted to electrical energy, which is applied to these fibers to make them progressively stiffer. In a matter of microseconds, the ski senses and adapts to its surroundings, growing stiffer or softer torsionally as conditions and speed warrant. The ski comes with a binding, Tyrolia’s LD 12, and an integrated plate system, Super Railflex, which allows the ski to flex unimpeded.

Still, it’s hard not to be wowed by the latest and the greatest. I’m especially impressed by the many new women’s skis that are on the market. Eventually, I’ll have to give them a try.

Reminder: Coming September 4– TheSkiDiva.com, an internet forum especially for women skiers (see August 2 blog entry entitled “Coming Attractions”). If you’d like to know when it’s up and running, send me an email and I’ll keep you posted!

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